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Download PDF XChange

Download PDF XChange
PDF XChange Viewer is a program that allows you to open PDF documents with the advantage that it is a lighter application than the Adobe Reader, and runs faster. The default viewer of this type of files has been adding features, but in turn has become an increasingly heavy program, consuming resources and often slowing down the performance of the PC when a PDF is opened. Then in those cases is that Xchange Viewer can be a solution if it happens to be the new default application to open PDF.

Although it is a lighter program, it maintains several functionalities of the Adobe Reader, such as the side menu on the left with the thumbnail pages for easy navigation, zoom (magnifying glass), the browser, and several other options.

In addition to the typical viewing options, document editing options are added, allowing you to work with plain text; Allows you to underline text, highlight text, add notes, add tables, and more.

Another interesting feature is that it includes tabs, allowing you to open more than one document in the same window and quickly switch between each of those files.

The main novelty of version 2.5 is that it adds support for OCR, a function that allows the recognition of text within scanned documents , which facilitates the copying and transcription of notes or books, which, if not for this great tool Should copy by hand to be able to use and edit their contents.

PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5 (build 315) is the latest version (updated in September 2015) of this software that can be downloaded for free . It works with Windows and is available in Spanish.

- OCR package download (Spanish, English, French)

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