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Download Notepad ++ 7.3.3 for free

Download Notepad ++ 7.3.3 for free
Notepad ++ is a powerful text editor that includes a large number of text formatting options. It has the advantage of being a lightweight program and consuming few resources, besides being free. It is a good alternative to the limited Windows Notepad, and it is a good option to select it as the default program to open plain text documents.

One of the many advantages it has with regard to the basic text editor of Windows is the ability to undo and redo an unlimited number of times the changes applied to a document. Another interesting feature, available in this application, is the possibility to select and edit text by columns, in addition to the usual mode by rows.

Notepad++supports and recognizes several programming languages, allowing code editing. In the editor, the reserved words of each language are highlighted in different colors, thus helping to read them. It also has a syntax wrapper to mark the different blocks; Therefore this software can be a useful tool for programmers.

Among the supported programming languages ​​are: PHP, Java, C ++, JavaScript, HTML, XML, ASP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Assembler, Ruby, ADA, Haskell, Matlab, CoffeeScript and many more.

It has an autocomplete tool for each program. For that it is necessary to install the API of each one of them, that are available for download, with the possibility to modify them and to develop a customized API. Autocompletion allows you to autocomplete and start a list of the options that begin with the term written when you start writing a reserved language word or a function name.

It is possible to open several documents at once through a tab system, with the possibility of viewing more than one document in a single window. It has a powerful search engine that allows you to use regular expressions for searches and replacements.

This editor supports the use of macros , which allow you to record a sequence of actions that are performed within a document, with the aim of repeating them at any time through the reproduction of the sequence that has been defined and recorded. This operation facilitates various tasks, such as replacing text to save time in writing.

The interface is very intuitive and the program is easy to use if you use the basic options that can have any text editor, but more advanced users, such as programmers, can take advantage of and exploit to the maximum the various functionalities available (some of them already Mentioned). In addition you can add plugins , which add, for example: spell checker, support for CSS, support for PHP with Apache and several more.

The latest version of Notepad ++ is 7.3.3, updated in March 2017, available for Windows, in Spanish and free.

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