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Download Nokia PC Suite free

Download Nokia PC Suite free
Nokia PC Suite is a program that allows you to connect the mobile phone to the PC and perform various actions that can be very useful for Nokia users, such as backing up data (calendar, contacts, sms messages, etc.), with the possibility of Individually support each of these items, or use the global backup tool, which is responsible for generating a backup of all information available in both the phone memory and SIM.

With this program it is possible to synchronize all types of multimedia content between the Nokia phone and the PC, with the possibility to send images, videos and songs to the cell phone, or to download the contents from the mobile to the PC.

From Nokia PC Suite you can install software on your phone or update one already installed, making it easier to do it from this program than directly from the mobile. It is also possible to update the firmware of the device to the latest available version.

Through this application it is possible to send SMS messages using the PC keyboard instead of the cell phone keypad. It is also possible to delete SMS in batches, more easily than doing it from the cell phone. It is also possible to edit the contact list, add new contacts, manage the calendar, and perform many more operations.

Another interesting function is to use the phone as modem, and to navigate the PC using the connection of the mobile device.

Nokia PC Suite is the latest version of this Nokia mobile synchronization software, which adds some improvements over the previous version, fundamentally what has to do with synchronization tasks with other applications such as Outlook Express and Lotus Notes, among other. In addition it presents improvements in the interface as in previous versions that have been renewed.

It is totally free, and is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000. It is available in Spanish.

Nokia has announced that it will no longer support this application, which will be followed by a new product called" Nokia Suite ". Newer phones are only compatible with this latest edition, which improves the interface and adds interesting news. Nokia Suite 3.8.54 is its latest update (December 2014), which adds support for the Nokia N9 phone and the newer ones, and also adds support for the Windows 8 and 10 operating system.

The new Nokia Suite allows you to upgrade to the latest versions of Symbian ^ 3 or Symbian Anna through its Belle tool. It also allows you to synchronize information stored on your phone with Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. It also allows you to get applications and games for cell phones, free of charge, from the renewed Nokia Store.

Download (Nokia PC Suite)

Download (Nokia Suite)

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