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Download Networx free

Download Networx free
Networx is a program that allows analyzing the incoming and outgoing traffic of the network, measuring the bandwidth, ie the speed of connection to the Internet, either by Modem, ADSL, or cable, for a variety of useful reports. Supports wireless networks.

It is possible to obtain in real time a list of IP addresses to which information is sent or data is downloaded. This can be useful to detect certain suspicious activities caused by some malicious application such as a Trojan, or some type of attack.

This tool consumes very few resources and is easy to use because it is accessed simply by right clicking on an icon that appears in the Windows toolbar, to access the lists, reports and graphs available.

This utility also serves to measure the incoming and outgoing traffic, and check that you do not exceed the limit in case you have contracted a limited ADSL plan. You can generate daily, weekly or monthly reports.

It allows to perform Internet connection speed tests, to send pings to servers or to perform "traceroutes" to obtain the path followed by data (packets) traveling between a server and the user's IP address, and the partial times that take to arrive To each intermediate router between the source and destination IPs.

Networx 6.6.0 is the latest version (updated December 2016) of this software that you can free download. Supports XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, in addition to server editions. You can choose to download the installer or the portable edition that simply runs without needing to install the application.

File Size: 9.8 MB.

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