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Download My Phone Explorer free

Download My Phone Explorer free
My Phone Explorer is a program that allows you to manage, backup, synchronize data, transfer files and many more actions applied to mobile phones of brands such as Sony Ericsson or Samsung, from the PC.

Enter the possible actions that can be done from the computer, using My Phone Explorer, we highlight:
  • Manage the contact list (stored in the phone's internal memory or on sim card).
  • Manage calls (incoming, outgoing, and missed calls)
  • Manage SMS (incoming, outgoing, saved, and draft)
  • Manage Appointments (calendar) and Alarms.
  • Send SMS from PC.
  • Synchronize with Outlook Express , ThunderBird, Outlook 2016 and other email clients.
  • Manage files (games, photos, music, themes, etc.).
  • Display different cell parameters (free memory, temperature, battery, charge, signal quality) from the PC.

It can be connected via USB / Serial, IRDA or BlueTooth cable, and even through a WiFi connection in case you have the phone in WiFi Hotspot mode.

Sony Ericsson is a brand of mobile phones whose models, for example: w810, k800, k510, k790, w200, w990, X10 mini, Xperia and others newer have been sold, and without doubt this tool can be of great utility and comfort For its owners, can even be a good alternative to the official Sony software that is used to connect to the PC ( Sony PC Companion).

The previous version featured as a novelty compatibility with Android phones (with system 1.6 or later), in addition to the Sony Ericsson brand, so you can use with other famous brands such as Samsung or LG.

This new version introduces some new features: notifications that arrive on the phone are displayed on the computer, adds support for the UPnP standard (which allows better connectivity with other devices connected via WiFi, eg televisions). MyPhoneExplorer can sync with Gmail and Fritzbox. It is also possible to add a Gadget for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.7 is the latest version, updated in December of 2015, of this software that is totally free.

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