Download Money Manager Ex 1.2.7 free | Pro Hardware with Driver Download

Download Money Manager Ex 1.2.7 free

Download Money Manager Ex 1.2.7 free

Money Manager Ex is a program that allows you to carry personal finances or accounting of the home, in an easy way and with a very comfortable and visually pleasing interface, counting on the support of very illustrative graphs.

You can keep track of expenses, checks, credit cards, savings and other accounting data. It has a reminder system for payment expirations or invoices. You can generate complete reports with just one click, which can be printed, imported into HTML or csv format.

Money Manager Ex is the successor to Money Manager .NET, but now revamped and cross-platform, being supported by Linux and Mac as well as Windows. It does not require installation since it is portable, therefore it can be used from a Pendrive.

The application stores the information in a database of type SQLite, which adds speed of access; And does so using an AES Encryption encryption algorithm,which adds security and privacy, which is essential since important data can be entered.

Money Manager Ex 1.2.7 is the latest version, updated in September 2016, available for download and install free on any of the platforms mentioned. It has support for 24 languages, including Spanish.

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