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Download MoboPlay

Download MoboPlay
MoboPlay is a program used to connect a phone to the PC, either to transfer music or to support photos, videos, contacts and other contents stored on the Android or iOS (iPhone) mobile device.

In the case of devices with Android, this software can be an alternative to Kies (Samsung), or an alternative to the Sony application for Xperia phones, or an alternative to Hisuite for Huawei devices, among other brands, With its official program of management and synchronization, it may happen that it is not user-friendly or that it does not function correctly for certain functionalities.

In the case of iPhone devices, MoboPlay could be used as an alternative to iTunes, just like other programs we have already presented.

The connection can be established through the Wi-Fi, which facilitates the use since it avoids the use of a cable to access the mobile phone. To do this, the QR code that appears on the computer screen must be scanned from the mobile phone. Once connected, you can access a menu that contains the different functions: Backup, Restore, File Explorer, Full Screen and finally the Cleaner.

As for the backup of data and files, this program allows to back up the contacts of the phonebook, call log and text messages, among other data; In addition to the photos, songs, videos and applications that are installed. While some phones like Samsung can support all the information in the cloud, this feature allows you to back up your computer.

In the case of the iPhone it is possible to save a backup in the cloud through iCloud and another on the PC or Mac through iTunes, but you can also try MoboPlay for the second option.

Among other functions supported by this manager, the possibility of displaying the complete screen of the phone is highlighted on the computer. This will allow you to make captures or even record videos of what is happening on the mobile, either to generate a tutorial or for any other purpose.

The cleaner is another very important function to free up unnecessary space, either from the cache of the browser or other applications, apk that are being stored or other junk files that can cause memory to fill and start to run slower the device. While there are apps that do very well, as is the case of Ccleaner, this may be an option to perform from the PC.

Some elements to emphasize: a clean and intuitive interface, good transfer speed, the novelty of the Full Screen mode, the possibility to install applications directly and to update the software. Keep in mind that possibly have to enable the "USB debug mode" and installation from unknown sources.

MoboPlay is available for Windows 10 (and earlier editions) for free.

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