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Download MiniLyrics 7.6.47

Download MiniLyrics 7.6.47
MiniLyrics is an application that allows you to view lyrics of songs while listening to some of the most popular music players, such as iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media Player.

It can be used as karaoke since the text is scrolling as the song progresses and the part that is being singed is highlighted with another color. There are several designs to choose from, which differ by the colors used, in addition to the font size and fonts used.

It is not necessary to search the lyrics since with the information of the song is automatically searched in a database, and in case of being found it will happen to unfold.

It is compatible with the following players: Winamp, Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, iTunes, RealPlayer, MusicMatch Jukebox, AIMP, MediaMonkey, KMPlayer, The JetAudio, Yahoo! Music Engine, J. River Media Center, Quintessential Player, VLC Media Player, BSPlayer, SongBird and others.

Once MiniLyrics is installed, it works as a plugin in any of the mentioned audio players, so that, when the player is run, it also opens automatically this application, to show the lyrics corresponding to the songs That they are ringing.

MiniLyrics 7.6.47 is the latest version available, updated in February of 2015. It is a trial version that never expires and can be continued using. Works with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista.


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