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Download MediaMonkey latest free version

Download MediaMonkey latest free version

MediaMonkey is an audio and video player that also rips CDs, converts from one format to another, and more. MediaMonkey is an audio and video player that also rips CDs, converts ...

MediaMonkey is able to catalog up to 100,000 CDs and audio files without affecting the performance of the computer. It allows to organize in folders, automatically, all the music based on certain criteria, such as: artist, musical genre, etcetera.

Among the main characteristics can be highlighted the following:
  • It supports the most popular audio formats, among them: OGG, WMA, APE, MPC and MP3; And the most popular formats for videos: AVI, MP4, WMV, etcetera.
  • Edit the tags of the songs and get the missing information through freedb and the Internet.
  • It rips CDs in the following formats: OGG, MP3 and WMA.
  • Create music playlists and mixes manually or automatically, useful for any occasion.
  • You can use Winamp as a player instead of your own.
  • Sync music with multiple mobile devices: iPod, iPhone, Android OS phones (via Wi-Fi or USB cable); And back up songs stored on any of those devices.
  • Detects songs that are duplicated.
  • It has an integrated tool to burn CDs and DVDs.
  • It supports the UPnP / DLNA standard, which allows content to be transmitted from the computer or from the laptop to a DLNA compatible TV, also to game consoles (xBox, PS3).
  • MediaMonkey 4.1.15 ( is the latest version , released in February 2017. It is totally free, and works with all versions of Windows. It has the option of a portable mode so it can be run from a USB stick.

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