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Download Mecanet free

Download Mecanet free
Mecant is a simple but very useful typing program. You can learn to type with the keyboard, following a set of 20 lessons in which progress is made in the degree of difficulty, and scores are obtained. The application keeps complete statistics related to errors, with keystrokes per minute, and other parameters that indicate the effort and learning by the user. These statistics can be consulted at any time for any of the profiles created.

It is noteworthy that it has support for an unlimited number of users, each with its own statistics , and the possibility of establishing a ranking between different profiles. In addition, the exercises that have been incomplete can be resumed at any time.

While Mecanet does not have a high quality graphics, it is very attractive and easy to use, being a program that is not overloaded with effects and makes the learning process more effective for those newbies who want to learn free typing. The important thing is that you can achieve the goal through games and fun way.

Mecanet 15.07.01 is the latest version, updated in October 2015, of this app to learn typing. In this version are added new exercises and games. It is available for all versions of Windows, and in Spanish.

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