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Download ManyCam 5.6.1 free

Download ManyCam 5.6.1 free
Manycam is a program that allows you to use the webcam in multiple programs at the same time, for example: Skype, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook and Camfrog videoconferencing. It can also be used during live Twitter broadcast.

The novelty of this tool is that it allows you to add very funny special effects, such as: superimpose masks on the person's face, or add wigs, hats, mustaches, bulging eyes and other original objects. It is also possible to apply distortion effects in the voice, to impersonate another person.

It is also possible to add fixed or moving text, and background images, which can be chosen from a gallery that includes fixed and moving backgrounds with different landscapes, for example: a snowy place with snowfall or rain. The effects are very well achieved, and also in this latest version incorporates a drawing tool, able to further increase the creativity with which you can decorate the background scene during a videoconference.

A new feature that incorporates ManyCam is the ability to record sessions with all the effects that have been applied. Videos can be captured and saved in various formats, even in HD (high definition). During a session it is possible to broadcast "pnp" (picture in picture), which allows to show in a smaller window a movie or a presentation that accompanies the main picture in which the person who is transmitting is seen.

This application also allows you to record game sessions, either during an online game of some RPG, while playing Minecraft or any other program, then save or share the video on social networks.

In this video you can see some examples of how effects are seen applied to a person while using the webcam.

To know how to configure ManyCam according to the application to which you want to associate, there is a set of tutorials that explain the step by step.

Manycam 5.6.1 is the latest version, updated in January 2017, of this software that can be downloaded for free. This edition presents several limitations and adds a watermark, but you have the option to change later to the Pro version (which requires paid license), with more functions. Supports XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits); And is available in Spanish.

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