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Download MAME 0.175

Download MAME 0.175
Mame is an emulator of classic Arcade games, the famous video game machine games that enjoyed several generations, and that with this program can be revived. It also supports Atari, Spectrum or Amstrad games.

Big games such as Double Dragon, Street Fighter, Mario, Tetris, Metal Slug, King of Figthers, Bubble Bobble, Pacman, Space Invaders, Arkanoid, Frogger, Phoenix and thousands more can be played with MAME.

In order to play, in addition to this emulator, it is necessary to get the ROMS, which are available on the Internet; Therefore you can search ROMS to locate and download the favorite games.

ROMs should be stored in the "roms" folder inside the folder where MAME is installed. If you are zipping (files with .ZIP extension) you do not need to unzip them.

The original version of MAME is executed from the command line of a DOS window (to open it should go to Start and enter "cmd"), which can be simple and natural for old Windows users or for Linux users, But can be difficult for novice users. To solve this problem and make it easier to access, through a more intuitive graphical interface, is that an alternative application called MAME Plus is available .

MAME 0.175 is the latest version, released in April 2016. It is totally free and works with all versions of Windows.

Download MAME Plus (MAME with graphical interface)

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