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Download KidLogger, program for parental control

Download KidLogger, program for parental control

here are programs to prevent access to certain sites that are inappropriate for minors, whose main function is control through prevention. This is the case of K9 Web Protection, Naomi, and other software that we have already presented. The software that we present today, KidLogger, is in another category, since its function is a more invasive control, in which it spends the activity performed on the PC by the children.

This program presents reports about the activity developed in front of the PC or Mac, either to know the amount of time, as well as to know the most visited websites. It also controls and records the text entered when sending emails, or participating in social networks.

KidLogger can be configured to perform screen shots, save them in a folder or mailed to a specified account. You also have the possibility to record audio, with the aim of recording chat conversations or videoconference (Skype, Messenger, and other applications are supported), and even the ambient sound.

You can monitor and obtain reports about the drives connected to the PC, whether it is a USB drive, a CD or DVD, and know which programs or files are running.

KidLogger starts invisibly, and can not be detected by the user that you want to control. It can be configured to record the activity of a single Windows user, being disabled for the rest of the users who share the computer; Or on the contrary, can be configured to record the activity of several users, and to keep independent reports of each of them.

From the application control panel you can access the various configurations and the "Log Viewer" (report viewer). You have the option to register on the official site to access a service that sends the logs and captures to its own server; That way you will have remote access from any other PC.

KidLogger 5.9.0 is the latest version, updated in May 2015, available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7). There are also versions for Mac and for phones with Android and Symbian operating system. It's free.

Something important to keep in mind is that, although some antivirus could get to detect and mark this application as a keylogger, its authors ensure that it does not contain adware or spyware, and that even its source code is available, to discard by Understood in programming, any kind of bad intention.

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