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Download Inno Setup

Download Inno Setup

Inno Setup is a program that allows you to create application installers for Windows. The installer is responsible for registering the libraries (DLL and OCX), installing fonts, comparing and replacing files when installing a new version of the application, installing the Visual Basic runtime (if necessary), and Rest of the necessary procedures for the correct installation of the applications. It allows you to create installers for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, and creates the corresponding uninstallers.

This application is aimed at programmers who develop applications in a programming language, such as Visual Fox Pro, Java and others, to create an installer in a simple way through a wizard that is responsible for guiding the user during steps to follow. The application name, the version number, the name and path of the installation folder, the supported languages, and so on must be entered. Also indicate the path of the executable created with the development environment that has been used.

Inno Setup offers many options, such as the possibility to create a shortcut on the desktop, create a folder in the Windows Start menu, and more. Once the configuration has been completed by the wizard, the script can be obtained (with .iss extension ), which can then be edited or completed.

This program can be combined with ISTool, a tool that adds a more friendly graphical environment when editing the script in charge of programming the sequence of steps that the installer should follow. After finishing the project using ISTool, it is Inno Setup that is responsible for compiling it and creating the executable .exe. For this combination to work correctly, the.iss extension must be associated with IsTool.

Download Inno Setup

The official site lists other tools, both for editing ISS files, and for other types of functions, such as for converting a project created with Visual Basic (.vbp) into an file compatible with Inno Setup. The available documentation can also be consulted there.

Inno Setup 5.5.9  is the latest version, updated in April 2016, of this free downloadable software for use with all editions of Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000).

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