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Download Hotspot Shield 6.4.3

Download Hotspot Shield 6.4.3
Hotspot Shield is a program that adds security to the Internet access through a WiFi connection because it encrypts the incoming and outgoing data, preventing them from being seen by other people, intruders or hackers. A Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) is created between the device that connects to the Internet (laptop, iPhone, or other) and the Hotspot Shield Gateway. It also works on wired connections.

It is common to access the Internet by connecting by WiFi in public places, for example, to send emails with important data or to make purchases online. In such cases Hotspot Shield ensures that this information is kept protected and inaccessible.

This application also allows browsing anonymously by hiding the actual IP as it connects through a proxy. In case of wanting to change the IP (for example to download from sites that offer storage service, without waiting) reaches with restart the application, without having to turn off and on the router. It also serves to access services restricted to visitors from certain countries (such as Spotify or Last.Fm), because it uses a proxy United States. It can also be useful when there is a restriction on Facebook access from the workplace.

Hotspot Shield 6.4.3 is the latest version, updated in February 2017, of this security software that works with Windows, MAC OS X and Android, including its latest editions (Windows 10, Snow Leopard, Lion). This program is free, although it shows advertising while browsing; But you have the option of acquiring a non-free version, free of publicity, faster, and with antivirus protection.

The Elite version adds several features that are not available in the free edition; For example: cloud-based malware protection, faster navigation through dedicated networks, personalized technical support and more.

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