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Download GeoGebra 5

Download GeoGebra 5
GeoGebra is an interactive program to teach and learn mathematics, covering geometry and algebra, and is geared towards high school students or any user who is interested in mathematics.

GeoGebra offers three different perspectives of each mathematical object: Graphical View (graphically represents mathematical objects such as points, vectors, segments, polygons, functions, curves, lines and conic sections), Algebraic View (coordinates of points, equations) and Sheet View Calculation (cells).

With GeoGebra you can work with angles, vectors, arrays, conic sections, predefined functions, boolean variables, complex numbers, and so on.

The application allows the study of any type of functions, such as linear, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric functions, and so on. It allows to calculate and graph derivatives, and also integrals.

Version 5 of GeoGebra presents several changes with respect to the previous version 4.4, among which we mention the following ones:
  • The interface is renewed and the visual aspect is improved.
  • New objects are added, for example: functions of several variables and implicit curves.
  • New tools are added: text and pencil fields, among others.
  • It incorporates the ability to add scripts to objects (GeogebraScript or JavaScript).
  • Export to GIF format.
  • Support for SVG files.
  • It allows to work with three-dimensional (3D) figures, including functions of movement, rotation, translation and zoom.

This is undoubtedly a very complete educational software to apply mathematical analysis, which has been awarded, awarded and highlighted in various media. A manual is available in Spanish, to familiarize yourself with the tool, which explains the steps to follow to create mathematical constructions, and you can also know about compatibility with previous versions.

GeoGebra 5 ( is the latest version, updated in August 2015. It is available for download and use free on the following desktop platforms: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Devian and OpenSuse), Unix, Mac OS X and Also for school XOs; As well as versions for mobile platforms that can be installed on phones with Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux, Android and other operating systems)

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