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Download Foxit Reader 8.1.4 free

Download Foxit Reader 8.1.4 free
Foxit Reader is a program that allows to open PDF files, in the same way as Adobe Reader (Acrobat) does, but with the advantage that it is a much lighter program than the latter. The latest versions of Adobe Reader have increased functionality, but with the cost of a large consumption of memory and CPU. Foxit allows you to do the same, without the PC slowing down.

Foxit has the basic functionalities of a common document reader, for example: the possibility to copy text, to zoom, to visualize in full screen, to rotate the screen, to add colored notes and several more tools; It also incorporates some novelties, such as the possibility of organizing the elements of the document in layers, to reproduce those that are multimedia independently.

Foxit is used to create PDF documents, either by copying text and images, by uploading a file (for example, a Word document or a web page) or from a scanner.

Foxit Reader permite agregar funcionalidades y herramientas a través de add-ons, los cuales potencian aún más este software. A destacar: la posibilidad de agregar un corrector ortográfico; de agregar soporte para javascript; de agregar soporte para Firefox; agregar comentarios, imágenes y videos a los documentos, etc.

Foxit 8.1.4 es la última versión, actualizada en diciembre de 2016, de este lector PDF que se puede bajar gratis para utilizar con cualquier versión de Windows.

La nueva versión presenta nuevas herramientas y mejoras, entre las cuales se destaca la integración con redes sociales y la capacidad de escuchar el texto de los documentos PDF. También agrega la posibilidad de enviar documentos PDF firmados, utilizando el servicio de DocuSign, uno de los más prestigiosos y utilizados para la firma de documentos.

This version is translated into Spanish, but for previous editions you can have Foxit in Spanish following this procedure: Open the following XML file and from the browser save it in a folder named "LANG" (which must be created if it does not exist ) Within the folder where the application is installed. In case of some mistake in the translation it is possible to edit that file and personalize it.

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