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Download FlightGear Flight Simulator free

Download FlightGear Flight Simulator free
FlightGear is a flight simulator that has the most important airports around the world, including about 20 thousand in total.

It has a great variety of aircraft to choose between aircraft, airplanes and helicopters; Allowing to simulate both flight and takeoff and landing on real, faithfully represented tracks. In addition, the environment of the airports and the flight route, including accidents, rivers, roads, cities, etc., are very well represented.

FlightGear takes into account real aspects such as the weather conditions during the flight, which affect the determination of the strategy and the precautions that the pilot must take to overcome them.

It has a guide that helps beginners who want to learn to pilot one of these planes, and help and tutorials are available on the official site.

So many effects, such as graphic quality and the possibility of accessing almost any airport in the world, make this game a great entertainment.

FlightGear 2016.2.1 is the latest version (updated in May 2016) of this open source simulator and multiplatform totally free. Works on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista; As well as Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and FreeBSD. It is available in Spanish.

The new 2016 version adds several aircraft models to its fleet (which can now be downloaded directly from the application), improves graphic quality, improves simulator performance, adds a package called "Advanced Weather" that enhances and optimizes aspects Related issues, and fixes several bugs in version 3.0. It also improves rendering in general, whether terrain, clouds, mountains, trees and other objects, in addition to shadows and lighting.

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