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Download Firefox Portable 52

Download Firefox Portable 52
Firefox Portable allows you to carry the Mozilla browser in a portable memory, with the advantage of being able to run it on any computer, having favorite web addresses, extensions, saved passwords, and the same configuration available.

This portable version of Firefox is very similar to the standard, with almost the same functionalities and with the advantage of being updated to the latest changes and improvements related to security, navigability and speed. As far as the extensions (add-ons), they do not work those that have to accede to the registry of Windows, since precisely the fact of being portable requires that it does not touch the registry of the computer where the application is executed.

In case of using the same PC usually, it is advisable to use the official version of Firefox, and only in case of using different PCs (at friends' houses, cybers, study center, etc.) is that it is justified to opt for this alternative, Which is secure, but is not updated as often as the official Mozilla version; And may be a bit slower.

Firefox Portable 52 is the latest version, updated in March 2017, of this portable browser that can be downloaded for free, to carry in USB flash drives, portable hard drives and other storage devices.

Version 52 presents very interesting updates, highlighting a new panel to customize the browser interface, more comfortable than the previous one; And in addition they have been able to optimize the times in the load of the pages. This edition stops giving support for Java, Silverlight and Adobe products (except Flash).

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