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Download Firefox 51 free

Download Firefox 51 free
Firefox continues to evolve and presents a new version of Mozilla, Firefox 51, with many innovations that result in an even faster and safer browser than the previous versions that have been launching for some time now.

It presents improvements related to memory management, optimizing and economizing the resources related to the management of the same. It was already possible to emphasize an increase in the speed, as much of load as of execution, changed of tabs, et cetera; Reducing memory consumption by up to 50% in some cases, according to studies published by Mozilla.

In an earlier version, the Javascript engine, J├ĄgerMonkey, was revamped, achieving better performance and a faster and more stable load on sites with "heavy" scripts. Now web developers can test their scripts using the Scratchpad tool, with the goal of analyzing and improving performance.

The layout has changed, and now the tabs are at the top, above the address bar. Changes were made to facilitate the management of add-ons, and also the synchronization of elements (bookmarks, history, etc.) with other devices. Changes allow easier navigation, but for users who prefer the design of previous versions, they can make changes to the configuration, or do so through specific add-ons. Now, when a new tab is opened, an image gallery is displayed with the most visited sites, to access them faster.

Firefox 50 supports the HTML5 standard just like other browsers, but it also supports the WebM format, which allows you to open HD videos. On the other hand, the WebGL standard allows you to display 3D graphics and enjoy within the game browser or three-dimensional multimedia content. Support for devices with multi-touch screen is also added.

As in previous versions, it is also aimed at improving security aspects . Protection against sites that can be threats to infect from viruses, spyware or Trojans; A new system of automatic detection of new versions of add-ons and plugins to replace immediately versions with security flaws; Integration with antivirus (informs the anti-virus program that it will proceed to make a download); Anti-phishing protection (warns when opening a suspected fraudulent website); Adds support for private searches via Google, using the secure https protocol.

The main novelty presented in the 2016 edition had to do with Firefox Hello, an application integrated to the browser to start video conferences directly, without the need to register or create accounts, simply inviting some contact through an email Sends you a link to start a voice and video chat.

Another important aspect is its greater ease of use in several aspects, and improvements in its functionalities, such as the download manager can be resumed after restarting the browser or reconnecting to the Internet.

Firefox has improved browser stability when a Flash, Quicktime or Silverlight plugin fails because you can continue browsing, and simply reload the page to re-watch the video or content that failed.

The browser continues to show improvements, both in speed, performance and comfort for the user. Now, all menu items can be accessed from a single place, the "Firefox button". To know about other new features you can consult the Mozilla's official site.

In the event that the user uses Chrome together with Firefox, or has previously used it and now opts for this browser, it is possible to import bookmarks, history and cookies from Chrome to Firefox.

The latest version introduces as new novelty a new panel (accessible from View-> Toolbar-> Personalization) to customize the look of the browser, in a more intuitive way since you can move (dragging) the different menus and icons that make up the interface.

Improvements have been made with respect to the user's privacy when navigating, mainly through a new tool called "Do Not Track", which can be easily configured to protect personal information and to leave no traces of navigation In certain places.

Firefox 51 (51.0.1) is the last update, launched in January 2017. As always, it's free and highly recommended, being an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer, just like Google Chrome.

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