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Download Facebook Messenger for PC

Download Facebook Messenger for PC
Facebook Messenger is a program that allows you to chat with Facebook friends, similarly to other instant messaging clients, such as MSN (Windows Live Messenger) or Gtalk.

This application offers a more comfortable alternative to the traditional way of communication from the Facebook page through the web browser. It allows to organize in several windows, through a system of tabs, the conversations with different contacts that are developed simultaneously.

Facebook Messenger displays the list of connected friends, as well as notifications, comments, new photos, friend requests, send stickers and many more options. It is important to note that it is not necessary to be connected from the Facebook page, but it is connected from the client (which also does not require installation since it is portable), and therefore allows to use Facebook chat when there is some kind of restriction Access through the browser.

At the moment, this messenger specific to the most popular social network, allows receiving and replying text messages from other friends, but hopefully in the future add support for video calls , as well as other applications such as Skype.

Messenger for PC is available for Windows 10. For previous editions (Windows 7 and 8) there is an unofficial application called Messenger for Desktop, which offers versions also for Mac and for Linux.

There are also editions for cell phones and tablets (for Android platforms, Windows Phone and iOS).

Download (Windows 10)

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