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Download Evernote free

Download Evernote free

Evernote is a program that manages and manages texts, notes, documents and images; As well as any other useful information obtained by browsing through web pages, or to write the user himself while traveling or while taking a course.

A novelty of this software is that it allows you to capture text from images (which can not be copied by marking text and using Ctrl+C or copy-paste), and can also recognize scanned text from manuscripts, such as handwritten notes.

Evernote has an alternative service that gives the possibility to save the notes in its own servers, something that can be extremely useful when working in more than one computer or also uses a mobile phone or tablet, since it allows to synchronize easily the Contents that are being added in any of the devices. It also serves to maintain backups of all notes and texts, fundamental in case of loss of a pendrive or any other device that is used to save the notes.

This application can be used to save useful data that is seen when browsing, such as fragments of interesting articles, Twitter comments, links ( bookmarks ), and much more. The emails that the user considers important can be sent directly to the application to have them in case you want to quickly access data stored there.

This program integrates a powerful search engine capable of finding any text within the notes, documents or images; Using a keyword or the tags that the user has associated with his notes as a description of them.

This application is very useful when planning a trip, whether you can gather information such as itineraries, maps, ticket scans and tickets, notes, bookmarks, PDFs, Office documents, and so on. Obviously you can start preparing from the computer, but then synchronization with the mobile device will be necessary. It is possible to share content with other users.

Evernote is the latest version (updated March 2017) of this interesting software that can be downloaded for free. It is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and for other mobile platforms like Android and Windows Phone.

To start using the Evernote service you need to register on its official website .

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