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Download EssentialPIM free

Download EssentialPIM free
EssentialPIM is a program used to organize personal information, with the possibility of managing the agenda, calendar, notes, passwords and personal tasks.

It allows to manage a list of contacts, with personal data of them: Name, address, telephone, mobile, email, birthday date, and several more fields. It allows schedule appointments and tasks using a calendar, and includes a system of reminders and alerts. It also allows you to add notes or notes.

EssentialPIM allows you to synchronize data with Outlook, Outlook Express, Google calendar, Google Tasks, Google Docs, and with other applications; And allows you to sync data with mobile phones that support Android or iOS (iPod, iPhone), Palm and other devices; With the possibility of establishing a connection via Wi-Fi or via USB cable. It allows you to import already defined contacts with other email clients, task managers or calendars.

The application has a security system to protect the data, in case it is deemed necessary to do so, using an encryption algorithm so that curious people do not access personal information. In version 4 a password manager was added to conveniently and securely store and manage all access keys to mail accounts, social networks, bank accounts and other services that require an identification.

This application is multiuser, allowing more than one person to use it, each with its own independent account and password restricted access.

The program has a friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to start loading data. This latest version incorporates the Spanish language in its menus, help and other components of the interface.

EssentialPIM Free 6.05 is the latest version (updated in February of 2015) of this software that allows to have an electronic agenda easy to handle. Works with Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), iOS and Android; and it's free.

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