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Download DVD slideshow GUI

Download DVD slideshow GUI

DVD slideshow GUI is a program that allows to create photographic animations ( slideshows ). With this application it is possible to create multimedia albums, which can later be recorded on DVD or saved in flash format.

The transition between one photo and the next you can add effects, with the possibility to choose between 220 different effects; For example: that the outgoing photo will disappear while the new photo appears. Different effects can be applied for different transitions, and in turn you have the option to animate each photograph.

The program also supports videos that can be added to the animation, as well as background music, background images, borders, subtitles, and more. From the last version it is also possible to import presentations made with PowerPoint (in format .ppt), being necessary to have Open Office to do it.

DVDSlideShowGUI is easy to use, as it achieves with selecting the different components that will be part of the animation: photos, sound, videos, borders, and so on. Then the effects for the transitions are selected, the text is added, and saved. The duration of each transition can be modified and does not have to be uniform throughout an animation.

It has a handy editor to create animations of the photos that are added to each slideshow. It is possible to rotate the photos or apply the zoom tool to them to generate the effects of rotation, distance or approach of the same. It has a player that allows you to visualize at any time how the presentation is going.

To know more in detail the operation of this application there is a video tutorial that shows how to generate presentations, how to import from PowerPoint, how to generate a flash, how to create a DVD with navigation menus, and how to upload a presentation to Youtube.

DVD slideshow GUI is the latest version (updated in April 2016) of this software that runs for Windows 7, Vista and XP; And you can download it for free. It is available in Spanish and in Galician.


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