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Download Dropbox

Download Dropbox
Dropbox is a program that allows you to synchronize data and files between several computers, even having different operating systems ( Windows, Mac, and Linux ); And the ability to use mobile devices, as it supports iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and BlackBerry platforms.

If you have a Dropbox account (which can be obtained for free), this software also serves to back up data and files, because a copy of them can be stored on Dropbox's secure servers. There is free storage of up to 2GB of space, with the possibility of increasing it by 1GB in case of promoting the tool via Facebook or Twitter, or up to 16GB if the user is a university student.

In case of working from a PC, each time you save the changes of a particular document, it is synchronized with the rest of the computers, as if saved in each one. In order to save bandwidth and time, some files sync only the part that changed. It is possible to undo changes and recover deleted files.

In case of uploading the files to the cloud provided by DropBox, the user ensures that they will be safe from possible unforeseen events, such as theft, disk rupture, and so on.

The file backup is done so automatically: whenever a file to the Dropbox folder is added, it is sent to the secure server and it is backed with the assurance that the data sent are encrypted.

This application can also be used to share folders (for example, a photo album) with other users, and it is not necessary for those users to have this application installed; A link must be generated for the file or folder to be shared, and that link will be able to be sent by mail or published in social networks, for others to access it.

A common practice for many users is to send backup files by mail to their own personal account, or use USB flash drives to back up files, among other methods; But with this application the backup may be easier, automatic and transparent.

Dropbox 10.4.25 is the latest version, updated in September 2016, of this file backup and synchronization software that you can download free of charge.

Size of the executable: 70,4 MB.


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