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Download CmapTools 6.01

Download CmapTools 6.01
CmapTools is a program that allows to create conceptual maps applicable to projects that require a graphic representation of this type, such as, for example, to define the behavior that an algorithm must follow, to create flow diagrams, to create a MER of Database, etc. It is also a good teaching tool, usable in teaching.

This tool lets you easily add concepts or ideas and connect them, with spreadsheets and different objects to select and incorporate the map. The objects (states, arrows, comments, etc.) can be customized and can change sizes, fonts, colors, etc. You can also add pictures and other media.

The maps can be saved in a web format to be incorporated directly into a site, being automatically defined the links to other maps in HTML format. It can also be exported to PDF format or as Powerpoint presentation supporting the .ppsx and .pptx formats. Spanish help is available on the official site.

CmapTools 6.01 is the latest version, updated in March 2015, of this software that can be downloaded for free. It is multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and is available in several languages, including Spanish, Catalan and Galician.

Download (Windows 32-bit)

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