Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Download CamStudio

Download CamStudio
CamStudio is a program that allows you to capture video and sound, whether it comes from streaming, a webcam or video conferencing , or any capture of what you see on screen. The video obtained can be saved as AVI or as Flash (SWF).

With Camstudio you can create application tutorials, capturing window changes, mouse cursor movements, etc. A narration can be added to the video using a microphone.

The application can be useful for creating a Flash animation from a set of photos, and then uploading it to YouTube. It can also be useful for capturing scenes from a movie or an online TV show.

You can configure some options, for example, to record a region of the screen, or a minimized window, or the full screen; Also to record the sound or not; To display or not the mouse cursor, etc.

CamStudio 2.7 is the latest version, updated in May 2015. It works on Windows, requires no installation, and can be downloaded for free. One disadvantage is that it is not available in Spanish.

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