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Download BlueStacks

Download BlueStacks
BlueStacks is a program that allows you to emulate Android applications in Windows. It can be used to test applications, and also to use on PC (or tablets) applications and games for phones that do not have a version for Windows, such as the popular WhatsApp Messenger.

BlueStacks can serve Android application developers, who want to test applications on the PC, either for convenience or for some other reason, avoid having to install them on the phone. It can also serve ordinary users who want to know the operation of a game or a program, to know if it is worth having on the mobile device.

BlueStacks lets you run applications in full screen, so fans of Angry Birds or other games will be able to play them in a larger space than the screens of the phones. In the case of applications that require the accelerometer of the phone it is possible to simulate the movement through the direction keys (arrows).

Another advantage is that it offers the possibility of synchronizing applications between the Android device and the emulator , through its tool "BlueStacks Cloud Connect". Something that does not offer is a shortcut to download applications from Google Play (ex Android Market).

For users interested in using WhatsApp in Windows , it should be made clear that they will not be able to use it at the same time on the PC and on the phone, because only the last installation that is made will work (for the same phone number) . During the configuration of the application a valid phone number must be entered to receive messages, in order to obtain the verification code.

BlueStacks App Player is the latest version, updated in July 2016, of this Android emulator software that can be downloaded for free. Works for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

In this Beta version you can find bugs, a certain slowness during the execution of some games, and a high consumption of RAM, besides the incompatibility with many applications; But in the meantime you can install, evaluate and expect to continue the improvements prior to the release of the final version. Recently another emulator called Genymotion has been released, which can be a more serious alternative.

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