Thursday, 27 April 2017

Download BASpeed

Download BASpeed
BASpeed is a program that includes a set of tools that help identify internet connection problems. It allows to measure the parameters related to the connection, with the possibility of optimizing them.

The diagnostic tools include speed tests for both descent and rise, the test of latency (ping) to a given server, speed test in a local network, connection optimizer, test of tracert to know the route to a Certain server, DNS test, instantaneous speed graph, ports scan to know which ones are open (and if any may be under suspicion of being used by malicious programs), and a connection monitor for cuts.

In another module of BASpeed are the tools of general use, among which stand out: Information related to the network adapter, time synchronizer with some server, an ADSL incident resolution assistant, WEP key generator, WPA and WPA2 For the Wi-Fi router, tool to renew the IP without needing to restart the router, calculator of the maximum speed that can be reached, information of an IP (Whois), etc.

There are other tools, one of them of instant messaging that allows to communicate with the contacts of the Messenger; And another to open or close the ports in the Windows firewall.

BASpeed ​​8 is the latest version, updated in May 2015, available for all versions of Windows and free.

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