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Download AVG Remover 2016

AVG Remover 2014 is a specific program to uninstall AVG products, such as AVG antivirus or Internet Security or other applications of this company.

In cases where you want to uninstall the antivirus because you are going to try some other, or you want to uninstall some of the evaluation products after the expiration of your trial period, the most common (and correct) is to resort to the Control Panel From where you access the program's own uninstaller. When this action does not work and the antivirus is not properly removed, it can cause problems when installing a new one. It is recommended to try with the usual process and only resort to this tool when the antivirus could not be properly deleted.

Alternatively, with AVG Remover you can try a new uninstallation to leave no trace in the Windows registry, or files on disk. This product is updated year by year to keep up to date with new editions of antivirus and other AVG tools.

AVG Remover 2016 is the latest version, updated in December 2016, capable of removing the latest versions of AVG products from the system. It belongs to the same AVG company and can be downloaded for free.

Download (32-bit and 64-bit versions)

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