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Download AutoRuns

Download AutoRuns
AutoRuns is a program that lets you see the list of programs that start automatically when (starts booting) the Windows operating system. Possibly are programs that are not known to run, and are taking up unnecessary memory space, or may even be a virus.

Although an application of these characteristics is included in Windows itself, called msconfig, AutoRuns is better in terms of functionalities, and the information obtained is more complete. The window has several tabs, which correspond to the categories in which applications are classified. There is one for the browser, which includes toolbars for example. Toolbars are toolbars that are usually installed in Internet Explorer, and may not always be harmless, but may be intended to spy on user activity.

AutoRuns also detects Internet Explorer add-ons, which, although they can be disabled from the browser, can also force their interruption from the interface of this application.

Another advantage of this application is that it allows you to disable programs that, because they are considered unnecessary or because they are not used, will prevent them from starting automatically next to the Windows startup. A typical case is the set of applications that come installed on laptops, which are the manufacturer's own (Acer, Toshiba, Dell, etc.), which may not necessarily be useful to the user.

The command line tool is also available with the Autorunsc command, which can be run from the DOS console.

AutoRuns 13.51 is the latest version (updated January 2016) of this software created by Microsoft that you can download free of charge. It works for all versions of Windows and its size is only 490 kb.

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