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Download Argente Utilities

Download Argente Utilities
Argente Utilities is a program that allows to perform several maintenance actions for the PC. It allows to optimize several aspects with the aim of speeding up and making the system faster, fixing errors and eliminating malware.

The tools included are:

Registry Cleaner
Argente Registry Cleaner was already presented as a standalone application, but now also integrates this utility package.

It allows to clean the registry of unnecessary and obsolete entries that often remain after incomplete installations. It scans ActiveX & COM, system programs, application routes, system services, programs and much more.

Disk Cleaner
Scans your hard drive for files that are not needed and take up space that can be freed. Files of type .tmp, .temp, .old, .bak, etc., that can be left after installations for example, and that are not necessary.

Privacy Cleaner
This tool removes data that may remain after surfing the Internet, which are private, and do not want to be seen by others. Data such as the history of pages visited using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and other browsers; Or searches on P2P programs such as eMule, Ares, Bitorrent and others.

Uninstall Manager
Uninstall programs and eliminate all types of traces that may leave after using the program's own uninstaller, or Windows, without success.

StartUp Manager
Scans and displays the list of programs that start when Windows loads. It is common that there are programs that run and slow the load of Windows, occupying memory in a useless way since they are applications that do not interest. With StartUp Manager you can disable or delete those processes.

Process Manager
It is a process manager that allows you to view data from the processes and finish them.

System Optimizer
Allows you to configure the system in order to optimize it according to the needs you have. It improves the speed of the PC.

Spyware Cleaner
Scans your system for spyware and malware. It is not an antivirus, but can be a good complement to them if you usually scan the system for spyware, cookies and more.

Spyware Inmunize
Prevents and prevents dangerous programs from being installed, and warns against accessing pages that may be harmful as pishing sites for example.

Argente Tools
A set of extra tools that add even more functionality, to all those described. Among these tools are a converter of image formats, a tool that allows you to delete files and make them unrecoverable, another one of type Split & Join, and much more.

Argente Utilities Final is the latest version, updated in August 2015, of this complete maintenance software that is completely free. Added support for Windows 8.1, in addition to previous editions of this operating system.


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