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Download Argente Registry Cleaner 3.1.1 free

Download Argente Registry Cleaner 3.1.1 free
Argente Registry Cleaner is a program that allows you to identify and repair problems in the Windows registry. Such problems can often result in loss of system performance, error messages, and other drawbacks; But this software can repair them and surely contribute to a faster and faster system.

The causes of registry errors can be due to many causes, for example: badly uninstalled, corrupted drivers, problems in starting programs when the entries do not correspond with any application, etcetera.

In a simple way, and in a few steps, Argente Registry Cleaner analyzes the registry, detects the invalid entries and makes a report with the errors found. Then proceed to take corrective actions, before being able to support the registry (to be able to undo the changes before any inconvenience that may occur).

Argente Registry Cleaner detects various problems: Inaccurate shortcuts, Invalid ActiveX & COM, program and application crashes, help files, Windows firewall, file sharing, file extensions, sources, history, start menu and routes Of applications, among others.

Argente Registry Cleaner 3.1.1 is the latest version, updated in August 2015, which is totally free, is available in Spanish, and is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista; Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1. In this new version the interface is renewed and the CPU consumption is reduced.

Size of the executable: 4.7 MB.

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