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Download Advanced SystemCare 9

Download Advanced SystemCare 9
Advanced SystemCare (formerly Advanced WindowsCare Personal) is a program that performs tasks of maintenance and repair of various problems that can have the PC, achieving optimize its performance and improve speed.

Among its main functions, we highlight the following: Repair of damaged and badly configured configurations in Windows, spyware and adware removal, solution to registry errors, privacy protection (among other things erases the history in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Etc), optimizing the load of the programs that are executed when starting Windows, improvements in the speed of the system, information of the system with complete reports, disk defragmentation, analysis of the state of the hard disk, et cetera.

It has a tool that monitors the system in real time, and analyzes the performance of the same, comparing some values ​​with those that should have in an optimal state for that configuration. Once the diagnosis is completed, it will be known which elements can be improved and the corresponding solutions addressed.

Turbo Boost is a tool that temporarily disables some processes and services running in the background, in order to have as many resources as possible (RAM and CPU), which may be necessary when you want to run certain heavy programs Or games.

In addition to optimizing and streamlining the performance of Windows, Advanced SystemCare is able to improve the speed of Internet browsing, and reduces the time in downloading files.

This program is extremely useful and has the great advantage of being free, in addition to being very easy to use as it is just a click to get the benefits already commented. You can opt for a "quick cleaning" or a "deep cleaning", it is advisable to do a deep analysis the first time you run the application, as they will get better results.

Version 6 incorporates a technology based on the "cloud" that allows to be updated with the latest updates and configurations necessary for a better optimization and cleaning of the system. Its interface has been renewed and the technology used in several of its tools has been improved, as in the case of the defragmenter.

Advanced SystemCare Free 9 is the new version, updated in September of 2015, of this software that adds new tools and improves others. It works with Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000), and is available in Spanish.


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