Saturday, 15 April 2017

Download Adobe AIR 25

Download Adobe AIR 25
Adobe AIR is a development environment that allows you to create traditional desktop applications from web development technologies such as HTML combined with Ajax or Flash. Instead of accessing via browsers, it can be accessed through an application that runs independently.

Applications created with Adobe AIR must be installed, and access the registry and system files, and, if they are accessed as web pages, depend on the browser.

An advantage of AIR is that its applications are cross-platform, and therefore can run on any operating system.

There are several applications, which we have already presented, which use this technology and, therefore, require the AIR client to execute. We offer to download the client, but also the software development kit for those programmers interested in it.

Adobe AIR 25 ( is the latest version available, updated in March 2017, which can be downloaded free for both Windows and Mac.

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