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DAEMON Tools is a program that allows you to mount images of CD s and DVD s as virtual units, to be able to access the contents of those images without having to have the program that created them. Supports several image formats: ccd ( CloneCD ), nrg ( Nero ), iso ( ISO standard images ), cue (Cue sheets), mds (Media Descriptor), cdi (DiscJuggler) and bwt (BlindRead), b5t and b6t ), among others. In addition to emulating virtual drives, it also serves to create images from any file or folder.

Another important aspect of DAEMON Tools is the possibility of detecting and canceling anti-copy systems, so it is possible to access images that are protected, with systems such as safedisc, securom, laserlock or rmps, among others.

One of the advantages of using this program is that it allows you to test the images before burning them to a CD-R, avoiding to record an image with failures and therefore to lose a non-rewritable CD or DVD; Or it can also be a solution when not even a disk is available. Any movie, game or other content that is downloaded as an ISO file or other compatible format will be able to be opened with this software.

The program is handled from an icon in the taskbar and its use is very simple. The image must be mounted from the application toolbar, so that a virtual drive is already available, which can be accessed from the Windows Explorer, as if it were an additional partition or drive.

DAEMON Tools 10.5.1 is the latest Lite version, updated in February 2017, of this software for Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP). It is free for personal use (non-commercial).

This version adds several improvements, such as: support for Flac images, upgrade to SPTD 2.11 (with support for Windows 10, 8 and 8.1), and "drag and drop" from folders containing files with images.

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