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Customizing Program Load with Startup Delayer

Customizing Program Load with Startup Delayer
Startup Delayer is a tool that allows you to customize the load of the programs that are executed when starting the Windows session. While there is a Windows function (in the Start menu you must type msconfig and press Enter) that allows (on the Windows Start tab) to uncheck and remove any software from the list, this utility that we present today offers more options, Most important: it delays the start of the applications that are selected.

Many programs are configured by default to start some service when booting Windows, some of them are necessary (for example the antivirus or the firewall), but others are not so much and can be deleted to start the operating system load faster.

On the other hand there are programs that the user may consider convenient to run automatically because they use them daily and thus avoid having to execute them manually (Skype, Office, Adobe Reader, etc.). In that case, a prioritization can be established, applying a delay so as not to delay and impede the correct operation of the priority applications, for example, the browser, to access the mail as fast as possible, or to perform a related activity With cleaning or system security).

Startup Delayer optimizes the set order, giving start to each task of the list when the processor and the access to the disk are little busy. It is also possible to determine that some application has a higher priority than others in assigned resources.

The user can customize and configure other options, for example that only load is delayed when there is an internet connection. You can set more than one profile according to the date, for example during the weekend is different loading, giving a higher priority to some game and less to an application that is used to work.

This utility also allows the user to monitor the performance of the processor and the memory of the PC, accessing a complete report of the resources consumed by the processes and services that are running. This is an alternative to the Task Manager.

Startup Delayer 3.0 is the latest version for Windows, downloadable for free.

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