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Control remote laptop with AnyDesk

  Control remote laptop with AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a program that allows remote access to a laptop or PC with Windows, Linux or Mac, either to provide technical support to other users or to work remotely on the computer that is in the office.

This desktop remote control software stands out for the speed in data transfer and mainly for images, which is very important when transferring files to the remote computer or to run and control applications on that computer.

The technology used by AnyDesk and the development of a new video codec called DeskRT make it possible to transmit about 60 images per second when working in a local network, as well as an interesting amount when connected through the internet. This feature makes it possible to work with fluency , achieving continuous cursor movements and screens that are refreshed more frequently.

A crucial factor in this type of program is the latency, which should be the least possible since there will be a delay that will depend on the quality of the internet connection available. AnyDesk achieves almost negligible latency values ​​(about 16 milliseconds) when working in a local network, which contributes to a good speed of execution of the different tasks.

In cases where security is important and you want to access remotely securely and without sending files to the cloud, the user knows that this tool complies with the encrypted communication protocol TLS 1.2, which combines the most advanced algorithms of encryption of data.

AnyDesk is an alternative to Teamviewer , the most widely used software for controlling laptop or PC at a distance. It will be a matter of testing and comparing yields.

AnyDesk 3.1.1 is the latest version for Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7) and there are versions for other platforms: Linux (Debian and Ubuntu), FreeBSD and Mac OS X (10.10 and later). The executable is only 1.7 MB and does not require installation (runs directly).

This is a free edition for personal use that allows a single session simultaneously, but there are other payment editions with more features, such as the possibility of starting several sessions, which can be useful for group work in which Several users can enter the remote computer and run or edit at the same time.

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