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Control the PC from the phone with AndroMouse

Control the PC from the phone with AndroMouse
AndroMouse is a program that allows you to transform an Android phone into a keyboard or mouse to control your computer or tablet wirelessly and remotely, whether to navigate, to play content or to control a PowerPoint presentation remotely.

This software requires installing on the one hand the server (program that is installed on the computer), and on the other hand the client (Android application that is installed on the phone or tablet). First, you must establish the type of connection that will act between server and client, either through the same WiFi network (the most common method) or through Bluetooth.

From the phone will be able to simulate all the functions of the mouse (click, double click, right button); In addition it will be able to scroll through content, drag and drop and use the keyboard of the mobile device to write and edit text in any application.

AndroMouse allows you to control the web browser or any other application, but in the specific case of the browser, using Google will be able to do searches by voice . This same feature can be used to search YouTube, which can be very useful when you have a laptop connected to the TV to play videos, making it very easy to search and access the contents.

The server software is cross-platform, therefore it can be installed on Windows, Linux or Mac. Unzip the .zip file (which can be downloaded from the link at the end of the article) to get the executable " AndroMouse Server.jar ". For its correct execution Java must be installed in the system; If so, the Windows firewall will request that access be allowed, and after doing so the server will be opened. Otherwise you can download Java to proceed with its installation.

Once installed and executed on both the phone and the PC, the Android application will scan and recognize the server and the connection will be established.

AndroMouse offers some extra features:
  • File explorer to be able to browse disks and folders of the laptop or PC.
  • Multimedia controls (play, stop, pause) to control a music or video player.
  • Interface to control a PowerPoint presentation from the cell phone.
  • Shutdown, restart, lock, and hibernate controls.
  • As an alternative to the mouse, it includes a mousepad simulator for laptops.
AndroMouse 6.3 is the latest version available, which can be downloaded for free.

Download (server for Windows, Linux, Mac)

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