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COMPARATIVE / Smartphones and mobile phones

COMPARATIVE / Smartphones and mobile phones

Calls, SMS, Full HD video capture, Ultra HD, high-definition Quad HD screens, 4G LTE network, high-performance gaming console ... Due to its evolution, the one presented as the perfect Swiss digital knife has become indispensable or almost. It sells more than one billion a year in the world, 18.2 million in France and, still in our regions, 50% of inhabitants aged 11 and over own one. 

The forward march of the smart mobile is inexorable and has more than 150 active brands, even if two mastodons, Samsung and Apple, fight a merciless battle for the vast majority of the cake. The 53% decrease in the average price in 5 years (€ 238 in 2014) 

Identifying its need is essential, so as not to go to a product that is too limited or too complicated. Play and photo pushed, you need power. Candy Crush and an e-mail from time to time, no need to shell out 500 €. 

Screen: the size counts
Nowadays, one finds all screen sizes, but especially the 5 inches (12.7 cm) and more. Beware of the definition, for an optimal comfort of reading, it is better to turn at least towards HD (1280 x 720 pixels). Clic-clac in the box The photo sensor has evolved a lot. In addition to the Led flash, you can find an optical stabilizer and resolutions up to more than 20 megapixels. For super selfies, At least 5 Mpix. Operating Systems Several "OSs" are on the menu. Android and iOS embody 90% of the market. Next are Windows Phone 8.1 (soon 10), Firefox OS and BlackBerry 10. Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages, but the application environment often makes the difference. SAR Index Expresses the electromagnetic radiation of a smartphone and the absorption by the wearer. The standard must not exceed 2 W / kg. Many products run around 0.4 W / kg, but still a lot of mobiles are above 1 W / kg. OUR TESTING PROCEDURES Our tests of smartphones are based on a large number of observations established especially within our laboratory. We evaluate the quality of the screen, its color rendering (mean delta E), contrast,  Level of brightness or its ability to remain legible outdoors (reflectance); The photographic quality thanks to tests shared with the Photo cluster, or the sound section (loudspeaker, headphones) in our Studio sound. The autonomy is appreciated by a clean application, sticking at best to the average mobile uses of the French.

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