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Bonita Software for BPM

Bonita Software for BPM
Bonita is software used to manage BPM (Business Process Management) business processes in companies, with the advantage of achieving a more automated, flexible and efficient development; Which also saves time in the design and scheduling of tasks and interrelations with entities that are carried out during a process.

This type of software can be used in any company that needs to develop an application to manage their activities, whether commercial, human resources or any other area that requires modeling their processes and tasks.

Bonita has a visual development environment to create the model of a process through flow diagrams, where process tasks are defined, order of their sequence and assignment of privileges to different groups of users during the execution of each homework.

The programmer must integrate business classes in the Java language into the model, in addition to defining variables, designing the forms and other elements that are necessary for the execution of the processes in a web environment (accessible from the browser) or from a mobile application.

Bonita, like other BPMS, make it easier to automate business processes, requiring more design time and less programming compared to other business application development strategies based on other platforms. It includes an API for Java and one for REST, with methods that facilitate the programming of the classes of businesses that require the access to the data of the system.

This software also facilitates the monitoring of the different tasks and activities that the users perform during the execution of some process. It saves logs of all the activities and it has an efficient control of the privileges of users, groups and roles that can use the different functionalities of the system.

This BPM uses MS SQL Server as the database engine, but also allows integration with MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL. Java 7 is required and you can use the development environment itself or integrate some IDE like Eclipse for Java programming and to manage the connection to the web server, the repository and other resources.

In the official site there is a complete documentation to learn how to use Bonita, in addition you can download diagrams and examples of processes already implemented. Registration is recommended for more benefits and resources.

Bonita 6.3.8 is the latest version for Windows, available for download for free.

Download (Windows - 32bit)

Download (Windows - 64bit)

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