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AVG Internet Security 2016

AVG Internet Security 2016

The maker of the popular antivirus free AVG has released a while AVG Internet Security, a complete security package to protect your PC against viruses, spyware, spam, Trojans, malware, attacks, phishing, keyloggers and other threats.

Besides the antivirus has a firewall, which is a tool that examines each incoming connection for intruders, and in those cases proceeds to immediate blocking. It also analyzes the outgoing traffic by unreliable processes and warns in those cases so that the user can make the decision to interrupt them.

It has a resident protection that analyzes all actions (if a file is opened, a program is executed, etc.) and thus prevents the entry of all types of malware.

AVG also analyzes incoming and outgoing e-mail, and in addition to detecting possible infections it filters SPAM (spam or publicity) or possible phishing (emails that try to deceive the user, for example, imitating a request from a bank requesting personal data, The goal of stealing them). It is compatible with most popular email clients, such as Outlook Express among others. In addition it offers protection is interacted through social networks.

AVG Internet Security is updated automatically. It also allows to create events programmed by the user, for example to run a certain tool every certain period. It is noteworthy that it is an easy to use tool, and it consumes few resources.

The LinkScanner tool checks the security of the websites visited, based on a rating that is constantly updated according to the experiences of other users. It also adds protection to the activity maintained in social networks, analyzing every link or file that is received.

AVG Internet Security 2016 is not free, but an evaluation version is offered for a period of 30 days. After that period can be acquired in case of being satisfied with its result.

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