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Antivirus 360 Total Security

Antivirus 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is an antivirus that offers real time protection against all types of viruses and threats that may arise while the user browses the internet.

As well as other highly recommended free antivirus, such as Avast or AVG, 360 includes, in addition to real-time protection, a tool that analyzes the PC for malware that have been able to enter the system; But also has the advantage of including optimization tools, cleaning and security totally free, similar to those contained in the payment versions of the other antivirus mentioned.

Another interesting feature is that it includes 5 antivirus engines, some of them very recognized, as is the case of Avira and Bitdefender.

Online protection can be configured, with the possibility to choose between some predetermined modes or can be customized according to the needs of the user or the performance characteristics that the computer presents: For example, security options that protect against Possible attacks, phishing or spyware while browsing; Or performance can be prioritized when it is estimated that such a detailed alertness is not necessary.

The cleaning tool is similar to that proposed by some other specific software (for example Ccleaner) to gain in performance and free unnecessary disk space. Also to improve the speed of the browser and to take into account the privacy of the user.

Like other security programs, 360 Total Security allows you to install a plug-in in the browser that is responsible for alerting the user when trying to access websites that have been previously detected as dangerous.

This antivirus includes a firewall, a Sandbox-type tool (to isolate the execution of dubious applications), a tool to alert in case of not having updated the operating system, another to verify the security of Wi-Fi and many more security options.

Undoubtedly this software appears as a serious alternative to Avast and other products that, while excellent and cost-free, are gradually intensifying their marketing strategies to offer the user their advanced payment options. User feedback is favorable and the growth of your downloads will position you among the most popular antivirus software in 2015 .

The latest version is 9 (, available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and 7.

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