"And for that we apologize": the Mac Pro is not dead, it is badly raised and Apple asks patience to its users | Pro Hardware with Driver Download

"And for that we apologize": the Mac Pro is not dead, it is badly raised and Apple asks patience to its users

 "And for that we apologize": the Mac Pro is not dead, it is badly raised and Apple asks patience to its users

Since Apple started its line of computers for professional users and more demanding, the Mac Pro were renewed every one or two years until in 2013 was released the last and we did not see again model. Now the company has assembled certain media to announce plans with the Mac Pro and iMac, but in a very particular way and for products that do not even have an approximate exit date.

Among the selection of five publishers Apple has met are represented by media such as Mashable, BuzzFeed, TechCrunch or Daring Fireball. A communication that calls attention to having done it to only five reporters, but especially for dealing with a subject that has been speculated since the last Mac Pro and which suggests that the line had reached its decline. And perhaps these ideas are the ones that have motivated this unusual communication: the fear of losing faithful users to formats very unemployed lately.

Apple apology in petit committee
Recently there was an update of the Apple catalog with new products for which there was no presentation event (for being a minor update). Today 's announcement is quite significant as it relates to the Mac line, but as Phil Schiller explained the company thought it convenient to hold a meeting, "a moment to talk about Mac, particularly Mac and Mac Pro users" A presentation or an update like the one we were discussing), so besides being important is quite particular in terms of methodology.

The vice president of marketing, accompanied by Craig Federighi (vice president of software) and John Ternus (vice president, in charge of the hardware division of Mac), explained that they wanted to communicate what happened and "be something more transparent" especially for the interested public By the Mac Pro line (referred to as "pro users"), recognizing that they have met with them to know directly the use of Apple products.

What happened to the last Mac Pro and what is this other way? According to Ternus, one of these factors "not so great for everyone" was to opt for dual GPU architecture, which did not allow the user to reconfigure it to have a different combination. That is, change the approach of several "small" GPUs to a single powerful GPU.

Schiller himself sums it up when he explains that they will not communicate in what state the creation of these future Mac Pro is. He emphasizes that the current Mac Pro is limited in thermal and level of updates by the user, and that they are going to be taken Its time to create a renewal that corrects both.

So, the idea is to redesign the Mac Pro from scratch by opting for a modular scheme, which will need some time that they have not wanted or could say in particular, but make it clear that this new Mac Pro will not arrive this year. Until that time the line will not undergo a renewal, but the company has announced a price reduction of the current model (the 2013) with some upgrades in terms of features (in terms of processors and GPUs).

Together with this new Mac Pro with modular system are also preparing "a screen pro" Schiller explains. Although they have not mentioned anything about the current Mac Pro, these integrate Thunderbolt 2 connection and not Thunderbolt 3 (nor USB type-C), which is not compatible with the 5K screens that require this connection as the LG Ultrafine 5K

We continue with this, but we do not release much garment
Despite the fact that according to the company the fixed computers are 20% of the total sold, the meeting has focused onrememberDemonstrate Apple's interest in static equipment users. So, in addition to the update of the Mac Pro, what will happen this year is the launch of new iMacs, a line that since 2015 did not receive update being the last rather quiet.

The laptops have been pulling the car in regards to computers, which have been renewed more frequently being the last model with the Touch Bar of late 2016. This helps to understand the need for the company to make this communication rather Less habitual and in which at all times it has been remembered that Apple is committed with Ma.

It should also be remembered that if we talk about throwing the car in Apple we must talk about the product star, the iPhone, which alone has come to represent according to estimates 57% of the company's sales, 12% of the division Mac. A section that since 2014 has been decreasing in sales in regard to the difference from year to year, so it is better understood that Apple makes this "salute" to an audience that could feel unattended and have resorted to competition (Or think about doing so).

On the subject Schiller also wanted to emphasize that there is still a strong commitment to professional-oriented apps, such as Final Cut Pro 10 or Logic 10, and that "have not stopped accelerating in this regard." Of course, both when we will know the new Mac Pro and whether they will be manufactured in the United States, the vice president did not want to say anything, leaving it for later.

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