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Amazon will ban Android set-top-box sellers with those "gun-toting" Kodi

Amazon will ban Android set-top-box sellers with those "gun-toting" Kodi

The e-commerce giant has announced its intention to pursue the piracy of streaming internet television streams that are protected by copyright, and for this will ban the marketers who market the devices based on Android and Android TV that arrive with Kodi and plugins to facilitate this option series.

The measure will be activated in the UK and it is unclear whether it will be extended to other regions. According to the people in charge of Amazon, if it is detected that a seller sells these products through this service will eliminate his account of seller and his products of his online store.

Fight against non-legitimate access to paid streaming broadcasts
According to the official statement," Products offered for sale on Amazon should not promote, suggest the facility to actively allow the violation of unauthorized access to digital media or any other protected content. Any content player via streaming or other Device violating this policy shall be prohibited from being sold on Amazon."

Although it has offered a list of products that it has already detected that violate that policy and deleted from its online stores, but that list can only be consulted by Amazon sellers. The fight seems to be clearly aimed at those little set-top-boxes based on Android or Android TV that have a pre-installation of the Kodi media center.

This pre-installation includes preconfigured plugins that give access to a large number of services with which it is possible to access copy-protected content protected by copyright. Movies, series or sports broadcasts are some of the most popular programs that can be accessed with these devices.

The truth is that even prohibit the sale of devices with everything preinstalled is difficult to apply the measure to generic devices that have nothing preinstalled. The problem is that any user can follow one or two tutorials on YouTube to know how to get access to those services in a few minutes through a Kodi that, as we said, is not even at fault.

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