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Alternative to Windows Process Explorer

Alternative to Windows Process Explorer
Process Explorer is a program from Microsoft that serves as an alternative to the Windows Process Explorer found in the Task Manager, with the advantage that the user can obtain more information about the programs and processes that are running.

This application lists the processes that are active, a description of them, the paths of the executables, the associated DLLs, the system resources they are using, memory and processor handling statistics, and other data of interest For the user when determining which processes are consuming more resources or to keep track of some processes suspected of being a virus or some other type of malware.

Those who have used Windows Task Manager will notice that it has a very basic interface and is often not very useful, not even to kill some processes or applications. Process Explorer presents a more attractive interface, which shows processes in the form of a tree, but also categorizes and differentiates color processes, for example to highlight those processes of the operating system, and therefore are reliable.

If a strange process is suspected, a Google search can be made directly from the program to obtain more information, but it is also possible to know if connections have been opened, which files have been tried to modify and which registry entries have been accessed.

In addition to providing a better interface and more information, this application has some additional functions that can be very useful, for example, an online virus scan provided by VirusTotal.

From the function "Show details of all processes" it is possible to know (besides several details) those processes belonging to programs that are not signed by any software company.

This program can be easily accessed through the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete, so it will be able to open immediately whenever the system is unstable, either to end a program or to analyze the system In search of some suspicious process. In short, it fulfills its function of monitoring and process management in an efficient way and presents a stable behavior, therefore it is not enough to install it and use it instead of the manager that comes by default.

Process Explorer 16.12 is the latest version of this utility for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) that can be downloaded for free.

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