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Adata Ultimate SU700, a series of SSDs to the exotic controller

Adata Ultimate SU700, a series of SSDs to the exotic controller

Adata is gradually extending its range of 2.5 "SATA solid state drives to 3D memory. After the SU800 and SU900 series, the SU700 series, which uses NAND 3D TLC, uses a controller Maxiotek.

The Adata SSD range continues to grow and the SU700 Series is positioned logically behind the Ultimate SU900 and Ultimate SU800 . As a reminder, the SU900 series represents the brand's high-end 2.5 "SATA SSD offering with IMFT's NAND 3D MLC and a Silicon Motion SM2258G controller.  SU800, but this time with NAND 3D TLC, always from the Intel / Micron factories. 

For its entry level, Adata takes back the NAND 3D TLC of the SU800, but opts for a controller cheaper a priori Of Maxiotek, a first.Sequential flows are globally very slightly lower than those of the series SU800.

Obviously, to achieve such bit rates on TLC memory, Adata uses a SLC cache system, here called WriteBooster. This one is dynamic, that is to say it is valid for queues of files of a size equivalent to one third of the free space of the SSD. Let's hope, however, that the out-of-cache rate is better than the SU800 and SU900 series, where only 30MB / s were moved outside this comfort zone! Extremely low flow, much lower than usual (between 80 and 200 MB / s depending on the model). 

The series ranges from 120GB to 960GB and is guaranteed for 3 years. Write endurance is announced at 560TB for the 960GB, 280TB for the 480GB, 140TB for the 240GB and 70TB for the 120GB.

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