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Ace Stream Media

Ace Stream Media
Ace Stream Media is a program that includes a video player (ACE Player HD), based on VLC, capable of playing torrents without having to wait until they finish downloading the files completely to start watching them. There are several Torrent clients that we have already presented, which work very well, but do not allow instantaneous viewing of shared movies on the BitTorrent network as well as this application.

This package also includes Ace Stream HD, an application capable of streaming live TV transmissions with high definition quality, for example sports, similar to the system used by Sopcast, but in this case the links that can be opened, Corresponding to this protocol, must begin with the word acestream: // (something like a combination of HTTP and BitTorrent protocols).

VLC is an excellent player that opens almost any video format, so through this program you will be able to enjoy it, but with more functions, such as streaming P2P. Ace Stream Media adds an extension (TS Magic Player) to Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers so you can view content directly from any webpage containing links to compatible files.

The streaming can be paused or rewound if necessary, and in that case the content is stored locally so that it can be resumed next, but with the exception that it is encrypted so that it can not be copied.

The player has some extra functions, for example allows you to add and synchronize subtitles, create playlists, make screenshots, add watermarks, convert formats, and apply different settings to improve the quality of the transmission.

Another very interesting function allows to transmit from a computer so that other users can follow a video live or the transmission of an event. The transmission can be configured to be public, or private so that a limited group of people can join it.

Ace Stream Media 3.1.2 is the latest version (updated in December 2015) available for Windows, based on VLC 2.0.5 (latest modification of the popular player). It is free and it is in Spanish.

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