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A round, edible, open source water bottle that you can make in your own home

A round, edible, open source water bottle that you can make in your own home

With more than 223 billion liters per year and 400% growth in the last three decades, bottled water is a problem. One fat. Only one in five bottles is recycled; That is, thousands of bottles are stacked on beaches and landfills.

That's why many people are obsessed with the idea of ​​wrapping wrappers and containers . Perhaps the best example of this is' Ooho!', A project that won several European competitions for innovation and has become popular again because this year, if all goes well, it will hit the markets. The idea? A bottle of water you can eat. Your potential? Fairly limited

A fruit made by man
Skipping Rocks Lab, the creators of Ooho, describes the product as"a man-made fruit" that uses a double membrane to hold water. Water and any other liquid that passes through our heads. All this using, they explain, 5 times less CO 2 and 9 times less energy than a traditional bottle.

But, to make matters worse, the technique behind these edible bottles is nothing innovative. It was patented by Unilever in 1946 with the idea of ​​creating artificial fruits of the forest and is known as 'spherification'.

Spherify the whole world
For years, that yes, it happened to a discreet background, until Ferrán Adriá and his team of elBulli introduced it between the contemporary techniques of 'molecular kitchen'. Today, there is no kitchen contest on television that does not have half a dozen spheres in each program.

It basically requires two components: sodium alginate, a natural thickener (E-401) from algae, and calcium chloride (E-509). The reaction of these two compounds produces a fairly solid gelled wall which retains the liquid therein. It is so simple that you can do it at home as you finish reading the post.

A bottle that will not change the world
The truth is that it is a chulada: it is colorful, edible and inexpensive. In addition, the manufacturing process is 'open-source' so anyone could start their own production line. But if we want to change the world of bottled water from ooho to ooho, we'd better wait sitting down.

The problems of this type of bottle are logistical. Not only is it degrade to a few days, is that to be able to sustain an industrial cycle on this design is still needed plastic (even transparent film).

And yet, beyond curiosity, I would not bet too much on this system. Perhaps as a substitute for water glasses, yes; But I'm afraid to overturn the bottled water industry requires more than just spheres.

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