Friday, 24 March 2017

This is how impressive the world's largest artificial 'sun' is

This is how impressive the world's largest artificial 'sun' is

This monster known as 'Synlight' and dubbed 'the world's largest artificial sun' is made up of 149 xenon short arc lamps, and is capable of generating up to 350 kilowatts that can be concentrated in such a tiny area of ​​only 1, 5 square meters.

This project, which has just been switched on for the first time, is capable of producing the equivalent of 10,000 times the amount of solar radiation. All this radiation will be used to simulate the light of our Sun, which is scarce during this time of year in Germany, where this huge device has been built.

Scientists at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have installed this impressive machine in the city of J├╝lich to test the effects of solar radiation on various devices and objects, such as satellites. But that's not all, with Synlight also expect to use all this radiation to separate hydrogen from oxygen and thus have a clean energy source within reach.

This is how impressive the world's largest artificial 'sun' is

Synlight produces such a quantity of energy that it is able to generate temperatures of up to 3,000 degrees Celsius, so its operation is done remotely from a room completely sealed and protected, since the amount of light and heat could fry a human In just a few seconds.

This incredible device had a total cost of 3.8 million dollars. Its size is 15.2 meters high, so it has been installed inside a building where already occupies four floors. But the most impressive thing is that keeping it on for four hours equals one year's electricity for a four-person house.

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